• Ladies’ Mile

    Ladies’ Mile

    Her first walk in the Park

    A Paul Smith’s College student finds tranquility while hiking the Ladies’ Mile in the Adirondack Mountain Reserve. By Autumn Rock I’ve never hiked in the Adirondacks.” This is something no North Country native would want to admit, but it was true of me until this past August, when I was assigned to do a story [&hell ...
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  • Sawyer Mountain

    Sawyer Mountain

    A mountain made for kids

    Even on a rainy day, a mother and her young boys enjoy the short hike up Sawyer Mountain near Indian Lake. By Leigh Hornbeck If you grew up hiking and now are a parent, you’re likely to want to introduce your children to the beauty and challenge of a hike in the woods. But it’s […] ...
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  • Coot Hill

    Coot Hill

    Coot Hill’s a breeze

    The hike up this airy perch in the Champlain Valley may be short, but the place is long in history. By David Thomas-Train Horse and buggy plunge off cliff! Husband shoots wife and self! Couple tumbles over precipice, stung by passion! Lurid is the lore of Coot Hill, and all these troubling exploits were told […] ...
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  • Pole Hill Pond

    Pole Hill Pond

    A trifecta of adventure

    Guidebook author explores three nature preserves on the west side of Lake George. By David Thomas-Train “Where do those trails go?” I wondered. The map showed a small trail system, whose outline looked like a loopy, potbellied cartoon character riding a unicycle. Sure, there was Pole Hill Pond at the upper end, but the ...
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  • Black Bear Mountain

    Black Bear Mountain

    4 hikes near Old Forge

    Bald Mountain may be the region’s most popular summit, but I prefer Black Bear Mountain located between Eagle Bay and Inlet. At 2,445 feet, Black Bear is the tallest of the six mountains described in 12 Short Hikes. Reaching the summit requires 660 feet of elevation gain over two miles. In comparison, you gain 410 [&helli ...
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  • Remsen Falls

    Remsen Falls

    4 hikes near Old Forge

    Of course, all of the hikes in 12 Short Hikes Near Old Forge are short, but some are shorter than others. One of the easiest of the shorties is the 0.7-mile walk to Remsen Falls on the South Branch of the Moose River. This hike begins on Wolf Landing Road, a gravel road that leads […] ...
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  • Middle Settlement Lake

    Middle Settlement Lake

    4 hikes near Old Forge

    The longest hike in the book is a 6.4-mile round trip to Middle Settlement Lake in the heart of the Ha-de-ron-dah Wilderness. Except for two very short climbs, the route is fairly flat, so you should be able to make good time. If you’re into trail running, this is a great outing. The hike begins […] ...
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  • Boreas Tract

    Boreas Tract

    Hiking the Boreas Tract

    Starting at Boreas Ponds, our editor journeys to a lovely backcountry pond and the headwater of a wild river. By Phil Brown Boreas Ponds is a gorgeous place to paddle, but not everyone owns a canoe and not everyone who does want to carry it seven miles, or three miles, or even a half-mile to […] ...
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  • Hurricane Mountain

    Hurricane Mountain

    The view just got a lot better

    Hurricane Mountain’s refurbished fire tower affords a panoramic vista from Lake Champlain to the High Peaks. By Lisa Densmore Ballard One week last June, an endless series of rainstorms drenched the Adirondack Park, leaving me housebound. When the skies finally cleared, I was anxious to get on the trail, but where to go? ...
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  • Stillwater Mountain Fire Tower

    Stillwater Mountain Fire Tower

    Rebirth of a fire tower

    Thanks to volunteers, Stillwater Mountain’s 47-foot edifice is open to the public again. By John Pitarresi Cathy Percy stands in the cabin of the Stillwater Mountain Fire Tower. She and her visitors are forty-seven feet above the footings set into the bedrock at the top of the mountain. The peak itself is a modest 2,264 [ ...
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