• Shanty Cliff

    Shanty Cliff

    Shanty not too shabby

    Cliff overlooking the East Branch of the Sacandaga offers climbers of all abilities a delightful day on the rock. By Alan Wechsler I’ve been rock climbing in the Adirondack Park for two decades, but I never got to Shanty Cliff until Explorer Editor Phil Brown invited me to join him there last fall. Shanty is […] ...
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  • Moss Cliff

    Moss Cliff

    A stellar cliff with drab name

    Veteran climber Don Mellor regards Moss Cliff in Wilmington Notch as the best crag in the Adirondacks, but it’s not a place for newcomers. By Don Mellor Why would a climber want to visit something called Moss Cliff? Though the name conjures up some dank, low-angled slab wrapped in a living green carpet, the reality [&hell ...
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  • Ragged Mountain

    Ragged Mountain

    Reaching new heights

    Rock climbers scale cliffs on Ragged Mountain after state’s purchase of Boreas Pond Tract. By Phil Brown The newly acquired Boreas Ponds Tract has been touted as a destination for backpackers, paddlers, horseback riders, mountain bikers, and snowmobilers. As it turns out, some of the earliest users of the land have been r ...
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  • Panther Gorge

    Panther Gorge

    Panther Gorge rocks

    A coterie of climbers tames the cliffs at one of the wildest, remotest, and most sublime locales in the High Peaks. By Alan Wechsler Four and a half hours after our 4:30 a.m. departure from the Garden trailhead in Keene Valley, my two climbing partners and I dropped our packs and looked around. We were […] ...
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  • Dix mountain slides

    Dix mountain slides

    A classic slide climb

    By Phil Brown Dix Mountain is a slide climber’s playground. In all, it boasts a dozen slides worthy of climbing. The problem is choosing one. R.L. and Karen Stolz, the owners of Alpine Adventures in Keene, recommend Index Finger, one of the longest of the Finger Slides on the north face. Last fall, my girlfriend [… ...
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  • Lows Ridge

    Lows Ridge

    An everything adventure

    Carol and Phil enjoy a wild ride and hike and swim on trip to Lows Ridge. We almost forgot about the rock climb. By PHIL BROWN Carol says I come up with my best trip ideas at the breakfast table. Since this was the last day of her Adirondack vacation, I felt the pressure to […] ...
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  • Rooster Comb

    Rooster Comb

    The good Old Route

    On Rooster Comb cliffs, climbers immerse themselves in wilderness and history. By Phil Brown Each year hundreds of people hike to the summit of Rooster Comb for its great views. Far fewer reach the summit by scaling its cliffs, but the mountain has a long and storied rock-climbing history. Whether you hike or climb to [&hel ...
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  • Chouinard’s Gully

    Chouinard’s Gully

    Chills and thrills The Adirondack Park’s frozen cliffs offer some of the best ice climbing in the country. By Phil Brown The Adirondack Park has thousands of rock-climbing routes, many of them stellar, but it will never rival such climbing destinations as Yosemite Valley in California, New River Gorge in West Virginia, or ...
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  • Grace Peak

    Grace Peak

    Amazing Grace Four hikers pay tribute to an Adirondack legend while climbing the peak newly renamed in her honor. By Susan Bibeau Shortly after moving to the Adirondacks in 1996, I climbed Giant Mountain. Not only was it my first High Peak, it was the first time I’d climbed anything higher than the hill in the back ...
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  • Roaring Brook Falls

    Roaring Brook Falls

    Climbing the classics

    Roaring Brook Falls is just one of many superb routes to be included in a new book on Adirondack climbing. By Phil Brown IN SOME RESPECTS, Roaring Brook Falls isn’t such a great climb. The rock can be loose, mossy, or wet. And there are places where you can’t find cracks to insert protective gear—cams […] ...
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