Snow Sports

  • Buck Mountain

    Buck Mountain

    A race against the melt

    Backcountry skiers descend Buck Mountain without breaking any bones By Alan Wechsler It was a Monday when we hit Buck Mountain. It was in late March last year, a week after the biggest nor’easter of the winter, which dropped several feet of snow all over upstate New York. That means that any skier worth his […] ...
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  • Mount Marcy

    Mount Marcy

    A skier’s rite of winter

    Each year, the Explorer’s editor heads up Mount Marcy on skis. This is his guide to the region’s premier backcountry tour. By Phil Brown The spring equinox occurred on March 20. The baseball season opened on April 2 (the Yankees lost). The Masters Tournament will begin in a few days. As far as I’m concerned, [… ...
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  • St. Regis Mountain

    St. Regis Mountain

    A new, improved view

    Snowshoers can enjoy a wild panorama from the newly restored fire tower on St. Regis Mountain. By Mike Lynch As we neared the summit of St. Regis Mountain this past January, the conditions changed dramatically. Tree limbs—caked in snow and ice—hung down over the trail, and as we walked crouched through the tangle of bra ...
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  • Avalanche Pass ski tour

    Avalanche Pass ski tour

    Revisiting an old classic

    Our editor and a friend revel in the powder on a ski trip to Avalanche Lake, Lake Colden, and Whale’s Tail Pass. By Phil Brown Avalanche Pass is probably the classic ski tour in the Adirondack Park. I’ve skied through the pass to Avalanche Lake more times than I can remember. Oddly, though, I never […] ...
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  • Ski trips on the new state lands

    Ski trips on the new state lands

    Ski trips on the new state lands

    The former Finch, Pruyn tracts offer many options for cross- country tours with spectacular views. By Tony Goodwin Over the past five years, the unprecedented addition of sixty-five thousand acres of former Finch, Pruyn lands to the Forest Preserve has opened up many new recreational opportunities. To date, the most publici ...
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  • Chapel Pond Canyon

    Chapel Pond Canyon

    Frozen Feat: How to climb an 85-foot wall of ice and keep your cool

    By Phil Brown More than thirty years ago, Don Mellor was in a plane flying over the High Peaks region, taking photos for his rock-climbing guidebook, when he spotted a large streambed in Chapel Pond Canyon. He returned the next winter with Steve Wisenand, one of his students at Northwood School in Lake Placid. The [… ...
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  • Whetstone Gulf State Park

    Whetstone Gulf State Park

    A charismatic chasm

    Skiers head to Tug Hill in search of snow and enjoy breathtaking views while touring around the rim of Whetstone Gorge. By Phil Brown This winter showed us, once again, that the snow in the Adirondacks is unreliable. A backcountry skier needs to have a backup plan. Mine is to go west. To Tug Hill. […] ...
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  • Moose Pond

    Moose Pond

    Mellow Moose

    Novice skiers can enjoy breathtaking scenery at a wild pond north of Saranac Lake. By Phil Brown My daughter Martha used to love going down hills on cross-country skis. If she fell, she’d herringbone back up the trail and try again. That was before she took up indoor track in winter, before she enrolled in college, ...
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  • Coney, Adams and Treadway

    Coney, Adams and Treadway

    3 winter summits

    Coney, Adams, and Treadway reward snowshoers with spectacular views for only moderate effort. By Spencer Morrissey Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks has a long history. Originally a means of travel, it is now a popular recreational pastime. The French called snowshoes raquettes because the paddle-shaped contraptions of earlie ...
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  • Glasby Pond

    Glasby Pond

    The Great Glasby

    With snow scarce in much of the Adirondacks, two skiers head to the Cranberry Lake region for a day of backcountry adventure. By Phil Brown As usual, we were chasing snow. In the High Peaks, we didn’t have enough base to ski the backcountry, but we were hoping that a recent lake-effect storm had dumped powder in th ...
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