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November 01, 2003
2 inches of snow? Let’s go!

Whiteface Toll Road

A skier on the Whiteface Toll Road. Photo by Carl Heilman II

Those who love outdoor pursuits always seem to want to push the season. Golfers will appear at driving ranges when there are still patches of snow on the range. Baseball fans derive almost as much excitement from spring training as they do from the World Series. And skiers, of course, look forward to the first reports of skiable snow.

For some, “skiable” means a heavy frost on a golf course, but for most it means an inch or two of snow on gentle terrain with a suitably smooth surface. The gentle terrain is important: You can glide nicely on one inch of snow, but once the ski is edged for a turn or snowplow it can go through the snow and grab on the decidedly less slippery gravel or pavement. The result is obvious and the impact is much harder than in midwinter. Smooth surfaces are naturally found on golf courses, but also on unplowed roads, state truck trails or old lumber roads. Continue Reading…

October 01, 2000
Adirondack slide guide

Avalanches pave paths to summits

By Phil Brown

A hiker ascends the Kilburn Slide. Photo by Susan Bibeau.

The guidebooks are silent on the view from Nye Mountain. There’s nothing to see. Back in the 1920s, Bob and George Marshall, the pioneering 46ers, ranked its view dead last among the High Peaks. So did James R. Burnside in his captivating 1996 book Exploring the 46 Adirondack High Peaks.

But when I climbed Nye on a summer day I looked down on a wonderful scene of the Chubb River winding through a marshy valley.

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