• Adirondack bike route

    Adirondack bike route

    A world-class bike route

    By Dick Beamish Governor Andrew Cuomo and bicycle riders please take note: the opportunity of a lifetime is staring us in the face! Bicycling is America’s fastest-growing outdoor activity and now second only to walking. The Adirondack Park can hugely benefit from this healthy national trend. A detailed map shows the excit ...
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  • Essex Chain Biking

    Essex Chain Biking

    A shorter trip

    By Phil Brown Here’s one suggestion for a shorter bike trip that takes in most of the scenic highlights. Deer Pond. From the Deer Pond parking area, ride 0.2 miles to the carry trail to Deer Pond on the right. Dismount and walk a few yards to the north shore of Deer Pond. Alternatively, continue […] ...
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  • Beaver River

    Beaver River

    The forest community: Hikers follow a trail to the isolated hamlet of Beaver River

    By JOHN THOMPSON My hiking pal Marc Howes reads maps the way other people read books. On a vicarious trip through the western Adirondacks he came upon a curious locale, and his map morphed into mystery. “There’s this Beaver River,” he said. “Way out in the middle of nowhere. No roads to it, just a […] ...
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  • Lows Ridge

    Lows Ridge

    An everything adventure

    Carol and Phil enjoy a wild ride and hike and swim on trip to Lows Ridge. We almost forgot about the rock climb. By PHIL BROWN Carol says I come up with my best trip ideas at the breakfast table. Since this was the last day of her Adirondack vacation, I felt the pressure to […] ...
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  • Kushaqua Tract

    Kushaqua Tract

    A pedaling paradise The author and her husband explore a maze of logging roads on the Kushaqua Tract open to mountain biking. By Susan Bibeau Recently my husband Jeff and I rediscovered our love of mountain biking, and so after I surprised him with a brand-new bike this spring, we started looking for new places to ex ...
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  • High Peaks Circuit

    High Peaks Circuit

    Around the mountains Cyclists enjoy stunning views and a variety of adventures on a three-day circuit of the High Peaks. By Ethan Rouen WE HAVE HAD the breath ripped out of us by the beauty of the High Peaks as seen from the tops of mountains and on twisty roads as we sped by in our […] ...
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  • Moriah bike tour

    Moriah bike tour

    When the snow and rain and then more snow finally disappeared this spring, my wife, Kim, and I were desperate to get on our bikes, so a thirty-mile loop around Moriah sounded like a perfect way to spend Memorial Day weekend. By Ethan Rouen ...
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  • Whiteface loop

    Whiteface loop

    The forecast today is for upper eighties with high humidity, but at the moment it’s cool and breezy. I’m sitting on the front steps of the Explorer in Saranac Lake, waiting for my cycling partner, Tom Boothe. By Susan Bibeau. ...
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  • Champlain Valley

    Champlain Valley

    Cyclists venture far afield

    Fortunately, the minor disasters that seem to plague most of our outdoor adventures occurred early in our bike trip. By Ethan Rouen ... ...
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  • Whiteface lures bikers

    Whiteface lures bikers

    Time to hit the slopes

    In winter, this place would be crawling with skiers. But on a weekday morning in August, I’m nearly alone, or so it seems. By Alan Wechsler ...
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