• Great Range High Peaks

    Great Range High Peaks

    Soaking in the scenery

    Three hikers set out on one of the most arduous and spectacular hikes in the Northeast—a traverse of the Great Range—but encounter a thunderstorm just a half-mile short of Marcy’s summit. By Alan Wechsler We had been on the trail for nearly eleven hours when the storm hit. We were so close to success, so […] ...
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  • Cascade Lake (Eagle Bay)

    Cascade Lake (Eagle Bay)

    Falling for Cascade

    Trail around pristine lake appeals to hikers, runners, and equestrians and is featured in the Adirondack Explorer’s new guidebook. By Phil Brown When I suggested to my girlfriend Carol that we jog around Cascade Lake in the Pigeon Lake Wilderness, she endorsed the idea without hesitation. Not only is Carol a trail runner ...
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  • Opalescent River

    Opalescent River

    State purchase opens up rivers

    With the acquisition of the MacIntyre East tract near Tahawus, the public now owns 12 miles of shoreline along the upper Hudson and the Opalescent. By Phil Brown Brian Mann and I had been on the water for several hours when we came to a fallen tree stretched across the river. We pulled over to […] ...
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  • Oregon Trail

    Oregon Trail

    A walk on the wild side

    Nature photographer finds much beauty during a short hike on the Oregon Trail. By Gerry Lemmo My wife Lynne and I pulled into the small parking area on a mild morning in June. We had been here before to hike to Cod Pond in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest, but today we had a different destination: the […] ...
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  • Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

    Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

    A hike back in time

    Human history and wild nature coexist peacefully in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. By David Thomas-Train The Adirondack Mountain Club’s Guide to Eastern Trails describes the Sucker Brook Horse Trail east of Schroon Lake as a long, lonely, and little-used route, with farm ruins and a brook named Desolate flowing through a ...
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  • Elk Lake to Mount Marcy

    Elk Lake to Mount Marcy

    Marcy, the long way

    The hike from Elk Lake to the state’s highest summit is not the most popular, but it is one of the most rewarding. By Lisa Densmore Ballard It was necessary to perform the whole journey on foot, the trail lying through the wildest and most inaccessible forests of the Adirondacks, portions of which were almost unknown. [& ...
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  • Upper Hudson Ski Loop

    Upper Hudson Ski Loop

    Skiing new state lands

    DEC creates a trail for skiers that loops through former Finch, Pruyn timberlands near the Goodnow and Hudson rivers. By Phil Brown Since the state purchased the Essex Chain Lakes a few years ago, I had been meaning to try out the ski touring in that region. My initial idea was to ski on old […] ...
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  • Fish Creek Ski Tour

    Fish Creek Ski Tour

    Paradise on the Ponds

    In a time of low snow, skiers find ideal conditions on frozen ponds in the Fish Creek area. By Phil Brown The winter started out promising with a good snowfall in December, but later in the month rains washed away most of the snowpack. We received a bit of light, fluffy powder the week after […] ...
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  • Owen, Copperas and Winch Ponds

    Owen, Copperas and Winch Ponds

    A winter trifecta Owen, Copperas, and Winch ponds offer skiers and snowshoers an escape into wilderness just a short drive from Lake Placid. By Phil Brown It’s little wonder that Owen, Copperas, and Winch ponds are popular hiking destinations in summer: for little effort, you can walk through quiet woods to visit these p ...
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  • Chouinard’s Gully

    Chouinard’s Gully

    Chills and thrills The Adirondack Park’s frozen cliffs offer some of the best ice climbing in the country. By Phil Brown The Adirondack Park has thousands of rock-climbing routes, many of them stellar, but it will never rival such climbing destinations as Yosemite Valley in California, New River Gorge in West Virginia, or ...
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