• Siamese Ponds Wilderness

    Siamese Ponds Wilderness

    4 paths less traveled

    Guidebook author shares some of his secrets of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness. By Bill Ingersoll WHEN THE STATE began creating a network of marked trails in the Adirondacks in the 1920s, it usually adopted preexisting routes, reflecting a constitutional interpretation that cutting trees would be a violation of the Forest Pres ...
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  • Debar Mountain

    Debar Mountain

    Stiff hike cures cabin fever

    After days of rain, a family beats the blahs by climbing Debar Mountain, a former fire-tower peak in the northern Adirondacks. By Lisa Densmore Ballard SOME DAYS I need to go hiking. I don’t want an epic outing, just some time in the woods to clear my head, enough of a climb to exercise my body, […] ...
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  • Roaring Brook Falls

    Roaring Brook Falls

    Climbing the classics

    Roaring Brook Falls is just one of many superb routes to be included in a new book on Adirondack climbing. By Phil Brown IN SOME RESPECTS, Roaring Brook Falls isn’t such a great climb. The rock can be loose, mossy, or wet. And there are places where you can’t find cracks to insert protective gear—cams […] ...
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  • High Peaks Circuit

    High Peaks Circuit

    Around the mountains Cyclists enjoy stunning views and a variety of adventures on a three-day circuit of the High Peaks. By Ethan Rouen WE HAVE HAD the breath ripped out of us by the beauty of the High Peaks as seen from the tops of mountains and on twisty roads as we sped by in our […] ...
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  • Hudson Gorge

    Hudson Gorge

    Gorge trip just ducky Paddlers in inflatable kayaks find thrills and spills in heavy whitewater on the Hudson River. By Phil Brown FROM TIME TO TIME I’ve played with the idea of putting together a list of quintessential Adirondack adventures. It would include, for example, climbing the Trap Dike on Mount Colden, skiing Mo ...
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  • Goodnow Mountain

    Goodnow Mountain

    A good day on Goodnow Climb to a fire tower near Newcomb rewards hikers with a breathtaking vista of the High Peaks By Lisa Densmore I GLANCE AT MY WATCH. 11:22 a.m. It feels like 7 a.m. on this early September morning. The first hint of fall is in the invigorating fifty-degree air. Goosebumps cover […] ...
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  • OK Slip Falls

    OK Slip Falls

    A veteran ice climber says ascending the frozen cataract is not difficult, but it is risky. By Don Mellor It was suggested to me recently that if God wanted us to climb ice, He wouldn’t have made it so slippery. ...
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  • Cranberry Lake Wild Forest

    Cranberry Lake Wild Forest

    Low snow, high hopes When most of the Adirondacks had nary a flake, the Cranberry Lake Wild Forest held out the promise of fresh tracks. By Phil Brown   Early January, and we had hardly any snow in Saranac Lake. Meanwhile, Tug Hill west of the Adirondacks got clobbered yet again with a lake-effect storm. Upon hearin ...
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  • Round Pond and East Mill Flow

    Round Pond and East Mill Flow

    Exploring a frozen paradise Cross-country skiers take advantage of fresh powder to visit East Mill Flow and Round Pond. By Phil Brown ...
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  • High Rock in the Five Ponds Wilderness

    High Rock in the Five Ponds Wilderness

    After December snowfalls, our editor goes on his first ski trip of the season to High Rock in the Five Ponds Wilderness. By Phil Brown ...
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