• Moose Pond

    Moose Pond

    Mellow Moose

    Novice skiers can enjoy breathtaking scenery at a wild pond north of Saranac Lake. By Phil Brown My daughter Martha used to love going down hills on cross-country skis. If she fell, she’d herringbone back up the trail and try again. That was before she took up indoor track in winter, before she enrolled in college, ...
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  • Coney, Adams and Treadway

    Coney, Adams and Treadway

    3 winter summits

    Coney, Adams, and Treadway reward snowshoers with spectacular views for only moderate effort. By Spencer Morrissey Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks has a long history. Originally a means of travel, it is now a popular recreational pastime. The French called snowshoes raquettes because the paddle-shaped contraptions of earlie ...
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  • Glasby Pond

    Glasby Pond

    The Great Glasby

    With snow scarce in much of the Adirondacks, two skiers head to the Cranberry Lake region for a day of backcountry adventure. By Phil Brown As usual, we were chasing snow. In the High Peaks, we didn’t have enough base to ski the backcountry, but we were hoping that a recent lake-effect storm had dumped powder in th ...
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  • Mount Colvin

    Mount Colvin

    In Colvin’s footsteps

    By Lisa Densmore Ballard My father handed The Gift to me just after I completed the last hike for my book Hiking the Adirondacks in 2009. It was unexpected and unexciting, an old book, its pages sepia brown and its binding slightly frayed. The name—“Robert L. Johnson, Park Commissioner, Albany, N.Y.”—stood out in fa ...
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  • Pine Pond

    Pine Pond

    The old road to Oseetah

    Skiers take Pine Pond Trail through quiet woods and along wild stream to a frozen lake ringed by mountains. By Phil Brown I once met a man on the Jackrabbit Trail who was skiing to Lake Placid as part of an arduous loop. He had skied from the end of Averyville Road outside the village […] ...
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  • Poor Man’s Downhill

    Poor Man’s Downhill

    It’s all downhill from here

    Wilmington trail offers plenty of excitement for skiers who don’t like to earn their turns. By Phil Brown Any backcountry skier who has slogged seven and a half miles up Mount Marcy realizes that the old saying “What goes up must come down” has got it backwards. It should be “What comes down must go up.” Yet ...
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  • Wardsboro Road

    Wardsboro Road

    History, natural and human

    The largely abandoned Wardsboro Road near Lake George connects the present with the past. By David Thomas-Train The midsection of Lake George, known as the Narrows, is so tightly squeezed with steep mountainsides that there are no highways along its shorelines; without such access, most of that stretch of lake is bordered b ...
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  • Vanderwhacker Mountain

    Vanderwhacker Mountain

    A whacky adventure

    The author, her husband, and a reluctant teenager make a steep climb to a fire tower only to find the view obscured by clouds. By Lisa Densmore Ballard With a name like “Vanderwhacker,” I had to climb it, again. Vanderwhacker Mountain, elevation 3,386 feet and located between Newcomb and Minerva, is the highest point in ...
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  • Avalanche Lake

    Avalanche Lake

    A walk in the sky

    Hordes climb Algonquin each year, but far fewer hikers continue along the ridge over Boundary Peak to Iroquois. Most people don’t know what they’re missing. By Phil Brown Carol’s friend Emily wanted to do a big hike, something spectacular. It didn’t take me long to hit on the idea of climbing Algonquin Peak and I ...
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  • Rooster Comb

    Rooster Comb

    The good Old Route

    On Rooster Comb cliffs, climbers immerse themselves in wilderness and history. By Phil Brown Each year hundreds of people hike to the summit of Rooster Comb for its great views. Far fewer reach the summit by scaling its cliffs, but the mountain has a long and storied rock-climbing history. Whether you hike or climb to [&hel ...
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